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About Jonathon Karelse

Jonathon Karelse serves NorthFind Partners, a company that provides a network of expert management practitioners to clients looking to improve their forecasting, demand planning and operations. NorthFind works with organizations in industries ranging from aerospace to heavy equipment by furnishing data-led analysis, supply-chain management, and demand-planning solutions. Beyond his commitment to the firm, Jonathon Karelse stays active in his wider professional community by speaking before Association for Operations Management and Institute of Business Forecasting and Planning audiences.

Before accepting his current position, Jonathon Karelse assisted Wholesale Tire Distributors as Vice President of planning and corporate development. The position required that he design and implement the company’s sales and marketing strategies, including a complete corporate rebranding. Over his tenure, he helped secure a nearly 20 percent sales increase during a slow market period. Further, Mr. Karelse developed strong business relationships with suppliers like Goodyear, Pirelli and Continental Tire.

In terms of publications, Mr. Karelse authored “New Product Planning in the Replacement Tire Industry,” an article that appeared in the Journal of Business Forecasting.


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